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Reposted from the Vector Blog. . .

Vector Blog

Vector Update, where we are and where we’re headed. . .

First off, I want to say thank you, so very much, to everyone who comes out and supports Vector @ Goodtimes Nightclub, Your friendship and patronage is truly appreciated and we value the support you've shown in helping us get to where you are at. We love having you with us every week, and look forward to seeing you in the future! We do however find ourselves in the postion of asking you to step your support of the scene in general and the night in particular to another notch.

Effective Saturday September 1st, 2007, Vector will be loosing the training wheels and instituting a $5.00 cover charge that will be in effect all night long, this will allow us to bring more and better bands, pay the Dj's for their time and effort, and afford some more professional flyers and advertising, this will also make the owner of the club, that much more happy with the night.

I realize this may put off some of our customers and if they choose to abstain from the night, we will be sorry to see them go. I trust that the majority of you when objectively viewing it in the balance, will see $1.25 an hour for a great place to hang out, get cheap and strong drinks, and dance your asses off to an amazing array of music as a good investment.

We will also be instituting a monthly drawing for 4 Vector VIP Passes, starting on Saturday September 1st, 2007. Each paid admission get's you a raffle ticket and additional tickets can be purchased for $1.00 each. At 2:00am each night on the first Saturday of the month, 4 tickets will be drawn, and 4 VIP passes will be given out, these passes will have a date range that covers you until the next drawing, and will get you entry into the club without paying the $5.00 cover during that time. This VIP pass will not however cover any of the live shows that are coming, as I do have to pay the bands.

~Vector Industrial Night
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